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Trying Jekyll for the first time

21 May 2013

This is my first post with Jekyll, yeah!


First, let's have a quick look at the issues I encountered during my setup!

Server is not watching changes by default

I was a bit confused by jekyll serve not watching changes by default : why would you run the server if you never update content? Search the help and found jekyll serve -w.

Problem with Python dependency

The pygments gem is enable by default and it creates a ruby segfault on my setup. I do have python2, but for some weird reasons, I get a ruby + python segfault at the same time!

Pygments can be disable with a config key found in the scafolled _config.yml. Not very documented, but there by default.

I think a project like this should avoid mixed languages dependencies by default as it complexify the setup process.



Why does everything has to begin with an underscore? Weird.

Not using a Gemfile?

The documentation does not suggest using a Gemfile : I just don't like this.

Also, the default setup does not ignore the Gemfile and copy it to destination folder.