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PHP Frameworks ; just pick up any and it will do the job

17 Mar 2008

There is tons of them out there, and yes, each of them has pros and cons. Some may say frameworks using PHP are quite new, but there is already a lot of good frameworks with on ruby-on-rails-like systems that can be used for production environment without a problem. They might not be the most optimized frameworks for large scale projects, but if you already know PHP - good choice.

Scaffolding, Model-View-Controller, validations class, database based models ; nice stuff to work with.

Only one advice ; make sure you choose a framework with a good documentation and users behind it, it helps a lot. Browse the documentation, the API, etc and you should get a good idea.

I personally choose CakePHP for a new project, which did a great job so far. Its the one that looked the most familiar with my programming pratices and this is mostly why I choose it. Took a few days before I get use to it, but then its a charm and everything is way faster, easier and funnier to do.